The FACTS – Local or State Level is better than National



Francis Bacon



This is a short editorial on the dichotomy affecting many businesses; that being THINKING  you want the services of a National company but actually wanting the ACTIONs of a more Local company. As this is a very broad topic, for today’s purpose I will use Private Investigation and insurance carriers or insurance adjusters for the story line example. However, this also applies to larger business, corporations, law firms, companies needing background checks, and even the executive protection world as well.

ABC Insurance is based in Ohio and needs a workers compensation case investigated (surveillance) in Michigan. They look up Investigators on the web and the first web site that comes up is IN YO BIZ NATIONWIDE, a “National” P.I. firm. It has a web presence at the top of the page, it has advertisements on TV, and the model sure looks handsome.

ABC Insurance thinks that it will have the best service from a “National” firm like IN YO BIZ NATIONWIDE so they contract with them to do four days of surveillance on someone they think is collecting money fraudulently.

  • ABC Insurance expects the best investigator all around, experienced, knowledgeable, etc.
  • ABC Insurance expects the case done right away.
  • ABC Insurance expects great communication.
  • ABC insurance expects a working business relationship.


So let’s just look at these four expectations above because many times in business, in life, in marriage, in retirement, in simply choosing a new pet, what we get is not always what we expect.


ABC Insurance expects the best investigator all around, experienced, knowledgeable, etc.

In A LOT of cases this is not the truth. As a police officer, a citizen and a private investigator I have come across many individuals and heard stories about many more that are working as Private Investigators for “National” companies. Either they work for the “National” company themselves or they have been subcontracted to do the work for the “National” company. In almost all these case let me tell you I have not been impressed with these Investigators. Most are underpaid people with nothing more than some basic training from another Investigator. They have never been a police officer or detective. They have not received specialized training from law enforcement. To be honest most don’t even seem to care about the case. I have found a couple sleeping or reading books. It’s just temporary career choice or default. Who do you think cares more, can do more and get a better outcome for you – a professional getting paid $20-30 an hour or the career default guy making $9-$14 an hour?

ABC Insurance expects the case done right away.

Calling IN YO BIZ NATIONWIDE gets you phone tag issues, emails, salesman telling you every day is a mandatory 6-8 hour minimum, start date issues, travel costs, attitude problems, etc. On top of all that they usually need a week or two to get the job done. In addition they farm out the job to a middleman who then farms out the job to the lowest bidder who consequently is a guy he doesn’t even know. It may be an investigator from out of town, out of state that has no clue where they are going. They don’t know the area, the short cuts, the normal haunts someone might go into and they don’t have contacts in the area.

Whereas a local Investigation firm like, dare I say, (Lower MI, Upper IN and OH) or maybe a great group at Special Inquiry Company (Brighton, Milford, MI) will always answer calls quickly, with no pressure, answering questions to save you time and money, many times helping without charging and in most cases being able to act within the hour or day. In addition all investigations are done by professionals with years of experience and training in investigative work. At PALADIN INVESTIGATION’s & PROTECTION our Investigators have (15+ years a piece) training/experience from the military, local state and federal law enforcement sectors and civilian world as well.

ABC Insurance expects great communication.

I can guarantee you by calling a national firm (who typically is NOT licensed in all or even most states by the way) you will end up with worse communication. Just think, what is easier…going through 3-4 doors to get somewhere or just opening one, maybe two? Our clients can call and reach us 24 hours a day. Period. Even while a case is on-going. In addition at PALADIN I&P we call or email with updates on a regular basis so you are in the loop. Any questions we have of you, like which way to proceed, what to do now, etc., we call and get your input.

ABC insurance expects a working business relationship.

Yes you can have a business relationship with IN YO BIZ NATIONWIDE . However, you WILL NOT have the same boutique type business relationship you can get with a local or state level Investigation firm. Smaller firms offer something large ones can’t by nature: more personal feel, flexible service that changes as you need it to, local and lasting relationships with our customers, ability to make that panicked last minute call to us at 11pm, getting a real person on the phone to see to your needs. Not to mention we can tweak reports to suit your needs, regular work and long term work earns discounts. On some occasions local / state level firms even do pro-bono work to help a client out or someone in need.

As stated in the beginning – time is the measure of business! We can save you time, be reached at all times and finish the case faster and we plan to make our business relationships lifelong!

As if these reasons weren’t enough, some other reasons for you LAW FIRMS, INSURANCE ADJUSTORS / COMPANIES and other businesses to use local/in-state businesses is because:

  1. Big Corporations drive inequality but local companies make a strong middle class.
  2. Smaller / Mid-level business offer excellent customer service and personal touches. You can tweak what you want how you want it.
  3. Smaller / Mid-level businesses typically have a faster turn over, faster billing, more face to face with actual business people than one based out of state.
  4. Small / mid-level businesses help churn the community’s prosperity

So invest in LOCAL! Today instead of a national chain or lunch, go eat at Detroit Dog (Saline) or Vinnies (Canton) or maybe the Breadbasket Deli (Redford).

Instead of taking your car to a large chain for repair think about Gerry’s Tire Shop (Saline area) or Ross – Beakes (Ann Arbor) or Mr. Muffler (Belleville).

Instead of going national for Private Investigator, Surveillance, Backgrounds or Executive Protection, think of a smaller / state level business like us at PALADIN INVESTIGATIONS & PROTECTION, LLC. We are staffed by several current and retired law enforcement officers with a wealth of experience and training to help you find what you need.

Thanks for your time!

Hope it was worth the read.