Ten NO or LOW cost ways to STOP a HACKER!

Has anyone you know had their identity stolen recently? Anyone you know end up spending thousands to fix their credit? Maybe it’s happened to you. Well as a Law Enforcement Officer and as a Private Investigator I see this nearly every day and in each situation the victim always says, “I should have known”, “I was in a hurry”, “I didn’t bother to”, “the number looked legit”, etc.  So, as a quick little service I thought I would pass on a simple guide on Web Personal ID Safety. Out of that came these very simple, no or low cost ways to help you stop a hacker from ruining your day.  In fact, so simple a baby can do it!! LOL  Enjoy!!

  • Get quality virus protection on any and all devices!                                                            
  • Cost?     $0 to $200


  • Do not leave your screens unlocked on your phone, computer or devices.                
  • Cost?    $0, 0-30 seconds


  • Shred or burn every piece of personal and business mail if you don’t file it.            
  • Cost?   $0, 2-5 minutes


  • Do not put your telephone number on the web.                                                                    
  • Cost?   $0


  • Do not re-use usernames or even parts of usernames.                                                      
  • Cost?   $0, minimal creativity




  • Do not reuse passwords for other sites.                                                                                    
  • Cost?   $0, minimal creativity


  • Do not use a password for more than 3 months.                                                                  
  • Cost?   $0, minimal creativity


  • Do not give out ANY personal information to someone on a phone just                     

          because the number comes up as a business. (Numbers can be changed)

  • Cost?   $0, minimal creativity


  • Do not open / respond to any suspicious texts or emails!                                                
  • Cost?   $0, n0 time


  • Check the websites you use to ensure they are legit and secure.                                    
  • Cost?  $0, 15-30 seconds


  • When in doubt, BACK OUT of that website!                                                                          
  • Cost?  $0, minimal effort


Hope this helps you to stay safe on the web and to stop hackers before they get started!

Any questions? Feel free to call us