So you think surveillance is easy and a bunch of fun…….Really?

The following is a quick read in the brief morning hours from the average surveillance case. The day starts off with the Private Investigator making his way to a house for a workers compensation case, then rushing to a doctor’s office to follow the person they missed. This is a narrative of the thoughts going through the investigators head…….let’s listen in shall we……….


Oh man, it is too early and too cold at 10 below zero to go outside and sit in a car with crappy heat!

God!? Why can’t you just make me rich!???

Suck it up dude. Bills to pay. Be a man.

Got my keys

Got my camera

Got my water

Got my cell phone

Wallet? Yep got it


(No thoughts [we can do that] because I am a guy and it’s early)

Quick get your Map Quest up on your phone, your getting close

Turn right on Baxter Ave, Turn left on McArthur

Did you remember your Paladin Investigations & Protection cards?

Oh well.

Take this right (audible from phone says “your location is on the left”)

Lets park right here

Crap think it’s too close? Let’s sit another house away

Put it in the book, it’s a 6:30 am start

6:45 am – Oh my word!! It is too early. I am so tired

I wonder if they are here, I don’t even see a car


7:00 am – take a picture to prove we are here

No lights coming on yet

Don’t these people need to wake up

Oh that’s right, they don’t have to go to work. Duh!

7:10 am – Yawn

(Rooster crowing)

Man that thing is loud.

I would shoot it.

7:25 am – Yawn

SWEET ! (Hand fiddling between the seats) It’s that pack of Hot Tomales I lost in the car.

Ooh. HOT! Drink some water. Ahhh.

7:48 am – Yawn

(Eyes drooping, then open, then drooping, then open, then drooping)

8:10 am – Open your eyes dude you might miss them.

8:30 am – are these people even here.

9:00 am – advise client no sight of subject yet.

9:15 am – client found out they are already at doctors office.

Floor it!!


Screeching halt!!

Get out of the car, slam the door, now RUN!

You’re breathing hard, calm down. Man this elevator sure is going slow.

Hope I make it or I am gonna lose this job.

Whew! Good job you’re at the office and you found the target now grab a chair.

Blend in.

Stay out of sight.

Hide your face.

Don’t be obvious about it though.

Do I look obvious?

Don’t make eye contact with them.

Act like nothing is going on.

Answer the text from your partner.

Answer the text from your wife.

Watch their body language.

Don’t look like your avoiding them.

Answer the text from that attorney that called last minute with a subpoena that must be served today, even though they had it for two months. 

Oh crap, is the target looking right at me?

Nope, he is looking past me to someone else……

IDIOT! Turn around and look at the target, not the someone else.

The target was just given a bunch of papers by the doctor.

See if you kept staring at the other person you would have missed that!

Try and determine what the paperwork says in their hands.

Can you get a picture with your cell phone, NO?!

Get up, walk past him, can you see? No. Can you see now? No.

NO? Walk by again. Do you see it now?

Don’t forget what you saw. You need to write it down.

Darn, I am going to forget. Text it to yourself so you don’t.

Don’t look like your trying too hard not to look like your avoiding them

Of course don’t try so hard that you do avoid them and miss something

Looks like they are gonna leave the office and head outside

Text your partner so they know.

Crap the client wants an update.

Take the stairs so you don’t get caught face-to-face on the elevator.

Alright text while you’re running down the stairs.

Crap! CATCH YOURSELF! YOUR FALLING…….BAM!!! Ouch man, that wall really hurt.

Pick up your phone off the floor, put it back together and hurry up down stairs.

They’re getting into their car.

Hurry run to your car to be ready for whichever way they turn.

Quick they’re pulling out of the parking lot, you gotta keep up.

Call your partner, tell him which way.

DARN! Your phone is still not put back together.

Hurry the light is about to change, speed up, faster, faster.

Ok you’re through the light, slow down!! Slow down man and don’t make it obvious.

Switch lanes so you’re out of the direct line of site.

Answer the phone, your partner is calling, he got left behind because you didn’t send the text after you hit the wall in the stairwell and he missed where you went.

Hurry get over to the left lane.

He’s in the left lane, but crap now your right behind him.

Pull your hat down.

Put your sun visor down.

Can he see my face? Naw, I am good.

Turn left now, follow from the other lane.

Drop back a little.

Not too far back,  you’ll get caught at the light.

Don’t miss the light……………


This is a short time period in a surveillance day, but this cycle repeats it self over and over through out the day. Surveillance is not easy. It is often boring, mind-numbing and on some cases exciting, but never easy. Even if you just sit somewhere and there is no movement; how boring would that be. 6-8 hours of sitting in the same spot, your butt hurts, you have to go to the bathroom, your thirsty and you forgot your phone charger. Imagine that.

Hope this helps to enlighten you on what surveillance is or is not.

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