MLK Jr’s lessons for business

He was one of – if not the greatest leader America has ever had. He caused change to happen through his passion, persistence and people skills. He did it without weapons, threats or violence. He did it by leading, directing, analyzing and great planning and through respect and love. Obviously he left behind an incredible legacy that we are all aware of or at least should be. However, what many don’t think of are the great examples he left behind for business’s to follow for success.


Total dedication to the cause.

It’s biblical. No matter what job you have, do it to the best of your ability. In addition, be loyal to the company and your boss. He had a dream, he found others to help and he worked towards that dream every day of his life. When he was taken, so tragically and too early, others continued the movement. Dedication and work ethic is contagious!


Get everyone involved.

People want to feel needed. People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. All your staff, from the basement to the penthouse office, have insight and experience that could be of value to the big picture. Hershey chocolate, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Heinz, Vera Wang, Puma shoes, Westinghouse, Apple Computers, the DeLorean, and many more companies were all created because employees didn’t feel valued where they were or they had bad relationships a work.


Develop a network of allies:

MLK Jr did not just get a bunch of African Americans to work for change, to march and to force change. He enlisted support from major business, nuns, rabbi’s, Greek Orthodox Church, and people of all races. So be creative and find common ground where your business may benefit another and vice versa.


Don’t judge based on skin, looks or location:

As we all know this was a great thought in MLK’s great speeches. His call not to judge a man by the color of skin, but rather by the content of his skin was simple, obvious and at the same time so revolutionary and scary to many. Yet, in business this is a great thing to abide by. Find people that work hard. Period. Find companies that are out to do a good job. Period. On a fun, but related thought just think about all the food joints that are tucked away, out of the way and not much to look at, yet the food is out of this world!


Call employees (all) to act with great values:

 As Nelson Mandela stated, MLK Jr called and held his people to a “higher standard” than those that used violence against them. Expect your employees to dress properly, to speak to each other with dignity, to follow your rules and the law, to care for one another, to help others in need, etc. If they violate and refuse to comply, get rid of them. Otherwise they will act as a cancer in your business and decay it within, affecting your bottom line.


Be a great boss. Be a great employee. Be a great friend. Be a great neighbor. Be a great example.

Be blessed!

John @ Paladin Investigations & Protection