GPS Tracking Units – An Overview

Picture this…a man we will call Steve is in charge of two work crews at a large construction company. He is the foreman and responsible for productivity. Over the course of a three month period Steve’s crews began slacking in productivity. His boss began to suspect he was not doing his job and hired our Investigators to conduct surveillance to see what was going on. The reason why; Steve was costing the company financial losses and putting it behind track.

GPS Tracking ServicesInvestigators worked with Steve’s boss to come up with a plan to save money on surveillance by using a GPS tracking unit on Steve’s truck. The rest is history….Steve got fired with a mountain of evidence against him showing him at bars, at his house and working side jobs all during works hours. In addition, he was in possession of company assets at his house. Steve was eventually confronted with the evidence, he could do nothing to defend himself and he was fired from his $125,000 a year job, and his new company truck was taken from him. Lucky for Steve he was not arrested for Grand Larceny.

This was just one of our cases using a GPS tracking unit. On another case GPS tracking helped a small / local government determine what their employees were doing all day. On yet another case, a mother was given full custody based on investigation aided by GPS trackers. A spouse was able to gather the evidence needed to prove her husband was cheating on her thanks to GPS tracking. A grandmother, with full custody of her young grand-daughter, was given piece of mind by using a GPS tracker to help observe her granddaughter’s location on visitations. Finally, a theft ring was shut down by using a GPS tracker in a package. Stories like these could go on all day.

So who can use GPS trackers? Not just anyone. A citizen can put a tracker on their own vehicle, owned by them and registered in their name. A citizen can put a tracker on a vehicle they own, that is driven by their minor child and a vehicle driven by their current spouse, in most cases. An employer can put a GPS tracker on any company vehicle, but they cannot put a tracker on an employee’s vehicle. A citizen cannot put a GPS tracker on a vehicle belonging to an ex-spouse, a girlfriend, or a co-worker. Violating the law in regards to GPS tracking can result in jail time and you don’t want to get stuck in jail.

If you have questions in regards to GPS trackers feel free to call us at 734-230-7177. We would be happy to explain how to use them, their reliability, their range, etc. and of course we would be happy to rent one to you and assist you with any Investigative assistance you may need.