Don’t Reinvent the Wheel or Shoot Yourself in the Foot…

In all my years as an Investigator (16+ years in Law Enforcement and 3+ as a Private Investigator) I have seen a lot of things. People committing suicide for a seemingly small reason and others that just flip a switch out of nowhere and brutally attack someone. I have dealt with people neglecting their children to the point that a judge has to put the parent on a tether to stay home and do their job. I have had a case where an ex-spouse went to every length to hide from the law and the courts in order to not pay spousal support, even though he had more than enough money to pay. I have even had a case where a woman was shot three times (to death) because she stole a pair of shoes from a thief that had obtained the shoes, by stealing them himself. In short, I have seen a lot of crazy things as a cop, but even more as a (P.I.) Professional Investigator.

What I don’t understand is the people I come across that in times where results are critical, they choose to, or rather try to do Investigative work themselves, instead of leaving it to professionals. The belief is apparently that the investigative world is simple; so much so that everyone can do it. This is something that has been repeatedly proven wrong over my career.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for people doing their own work. I am all for people learning new things. I have told people they don’t need the services of my firm and how to do simple things they need. I am all for people developing new abilities. However, I also understand that until a person is good enough at whatever new skills they are learning to make it a living, they should treat it as a hobby. There are two main reasons for this and BOTH are protections for the novice.

The FIRST reason that a regular citizen should not attempt to do unlicensed investigative work without training and experience has two parts to it. Part A is that the information you obtain would likely be thrown out of court. Judges typically won’t believe an involved party as they obviously have something to gain. In addition, they typically suspect evidence produced in this fashion is tainted, planted or formulated. Part B, is that you likely would not obtain nearly as much information as a professional. What are the chances of a novice finding more information than a professional investigator? Common sense alone would say slim to none. Now, what are the chances of a novice being able to find information as quickly as a professional? What are the chances of a novice knowing what leads to follow and what leads are garbage and why? Okay, what are the chances of a novice being able to follow someone undetected for any length of time without losing them? Finally, even if a novice could do all of the above, what are the chances of it being admitted in court without some type of prejudice by the judge and the jury? Exactly, slim to none as well.

The SECOND and maybe more important reason a regular citizen should not attempt to do unlicensed Investigative work without training or experience is that you would be breaking the law and open yourself up to being charged and/or sued. In one case a client actually told me that he was doing some stalker type things and he offered me a lot of money to testify that the information he got was actually obtained by my Investigative firm. Needless to say we said NO and then I had to tell his attorney as a heads up because we quit the case. The law states that two or more unwanted contacts is stalking. If you get caught you are charged with a misdemeanor, a hefty fine, jail time and whatever evidence you may have had for your case gets thrown out. Without a license, insurance and a bond you may end up in ruin. In addition, the judge in your civil case most certainly wont be too favorable towards you after that.

So I have to ask, when you need the information fast, in it’s entirety, and in legal fashion, why try and bog the process down and do it yourself? Hire Professional Investigators from Paladin Investigations & Protection, LLC or even some other company if you choose. Just don’t try to do things yourself. It is not worth the risk to your case, your family and your freedom. Call us today! We would love to help you.