Our clients come from all walks; corporate, regular people, manufacturers, small business owners and on and on. The tasks we are hired to perform for clients vary from Background checks to surveillance to tracking down old flames. What never changes are the questions like – Exactly what do you do? How much INFORMATION can you find out? What does it take?  Those are not exactly quick, easy answers but I will try and keep it short.


A: In one particular week our firm did a security assessment and actual security services for a billion dollar corporation, we did surveillance on a dead-beat dad to prove he can pay, we did background investigation for a business wanting to hire someone and we did asset searches to help a wife locate her husband’s not so well known goodies. Is this the typical week, no.


In the average week, we do surveillance for employment productivity, cheating spouses and custody disputes with occasional insurance cases. In the average week we do basic background checks, locate people for law firms and process service on corporate heads, divorce cases and people who flaked out of their rent and tried to hide.


A: This is a longer Q+A so I will just wiz through as explanation for each would take too long. Without ado, if we wanted to find out THE MOST INFORMATION in a week’s time we would search for owners of vehicles, owners of boats, owners of land and houses. We search local court records, state court records and federal court records in addition to law enforcement contact records in every town a subject lived in (because you can be arrested and plead guilty to a charge, work out a deal and it never show up on criminal history).

In addition to all that, we would do surveillance to get an even more accurate picture of where a subject goes, who he hangs with, where he frequents, if he uses cash or credit. If he uses cash, does his lifestyle support the cash he is spending? If he uses a lot of credit does this show that he is careless and a risk for someone? We search Facebook, Google, DuckDuck Go, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more to find truth (or dirt) about someone. I say truth because you can find out who a person really is just with Social Media, comments, etc.


Towards the end of the week we would talk to former co-workers,   neighbors, and maybe even some current friends and such to work the Human Intel angle and get opinions from those closest to him. In addition we would go through the trash and look for old bills, overdue bills, possibly plans, links to bank accounts, tax info and maybe medical information. By the end of the week would know just about all the information we could know about a person from where they shop, what they buy for groceries, to where they bank to what his physical ailments they have and what they take to cure them. We would know if he has warrants, a suspended license and how many times he has been arrested and for what. We would know who she is dating (if she is), where she takes her dates, what type of gas she uses in her car and what she had for dinner. So the short answer is we can find out almost everything.


A: Well it typically takes 4 things; in no particular order:

It requires skill/experience, it requires a little bit of luck, it takes some man power to do all this and run through the databases and more than anything it requires money. If you’re looking to do all this on the cheap, keep looking.  More moderate attempts can cost less of course. However, the type of effort expressed above is a huge undertaking and could cost from thousands to the tens of thousands. The key though is that it could be the difference for your case between a win or a loss; between a small settlement and a large one.

So there we go. I hope this helps. If anyone has more questions or wants’ to contract our services for any of the services we discussed CALL US @ 734-230-7177 or click on our contact page and fill it out. We will call you shortly and we can work together to solve your problem.