GREAT reasons lawyers NEED a P.I.

Among the numerous reasons that an attorney would need to hire a professional investigator, the most obvious and basic reason is the simple fact that the average law firm/lawyer just does not have the TIME to conduct a complete investigation. Imagine how much out of office time it would take for you [the attorney] to locate witnesses – even if they are easy to find. Now think about how much more time it would take when they are not easy to find or trying to stay lost. Add in interviewing potential witnesses, trying to locate evidence, paperwork, and reports that could be germane to proving your client’s case. Now add all that time needed to your regular daily duties. You would not be able to sleep!


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Now breaking it down further; the INTERVIEW SKILLS. It is not as simple as knocking on their door and asking a bunch of questions. Many times witnesses don’t want to talk. Many times witnesses lie. Many times witnesses want to tell their story but they need a little nudge. Our investigators have been police officers, detectives, task force leaders and managed handfuls of informants. We know how to talk to someone. We know how to read them as they tell their story and figure out additional questions or methods of interview to use in order to get them to divulge as much information as possible, in a truthful manner. This difference, whether it be small or big, between your capabilities and ours could be a KEY factor in your client’s victory.

Another part of the breakdown; LOCATING PEOPLE. There is often a lot of skill and effort that goes in to finding a potential witness. Right along with that is a large amount of TIME. There are often websites to scour, databases to search, articles to read, phone calls to make, doors to knock on and people to talk to just to find one person. Recently we were hired to find a person that the attorney and their previous investigator both were certain lived in a high society neighborhood on the outskirts of Detroit. After a week or two of investigation we ruled that information out and eventually located the person living in Chicago. That attorney had searched for months, and hired an investigator to search and make several attempts to serve the person. They failed and wasted a lot of time all because they didn’t have the skills, training and experience. 

Counter Surveillance

There are so many more reasons for your law firm to hire an investigator that we could spend an hour. However, in order to keep it brief;

  • we know lots of people in law enforcement / local gov’t
  • we know people in right places
  • we know where to look for documents and evidence
  • we serve subpoenas and process
  • we excel at surveillance
  • we have the best investigative and interview training from the local, state and federal level law enforcement world
  • we are even savvy enough to “buddy up” with the other side on occasion to see what they know

TRUE STORY: On one occasion we even had drinks with a woman we were surveilling that wasn’t supposed to be drinking. That evidence alone swayed the case in the clients favor.

I think these are all reason enough. However, if you still have questions please call anytime and ask away. 734-230-7177 – Paladin Investigations & Protection, LLC   or copy this link –