Private Eyes; another tool to get a win.


USE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR; the benefit CAN outweigh the cost.   

People are willing to pay $250-$500 an hour for an attorney, seemingly without batting an eye. However, when the attorney recommends a private investigator, client’s balk at a Private Investigator’s salary which is a smidgeon of the cost of an attorney. Private investigators can find information that can be the deciding factor in a trial, civil case or custody battle. This information can be leveraged for a better settlement as potentially damning information can be unearthed and legally used to sway the opinions of judges and jurors alike, not to mention the opposing party.

The average cost of a private investigator is $55 nationwide and $70 in my great state of Michigan. There are sometimes mileage fee’s (50 cents to 85 cents a mile), data costs, and other costs with locates and surveillance. Many people pause at paying an investigator.

When paying for a car, you expect a good vehicle for the money you pay, yes? When hiring a plumber, you don’t hire the cheapest one, with no advertising, no website, no presence of any type? When hiring an electrician that could potentially hold your family’s lives in their hands you don’t go with the guy who says he can beat any price, do ya? So we agree; it’s not about the cost it’s more about the result, the experience and knowledge!

Still not sure? Do the math on this. Isn’t paying a private investigator $1,500 or even up around $6,000 worth it to come up with useful information that can potentially save your client money, garner them more money in a settlement over the course of the years to come, mitigate risk, or possibly even keep them from going to prison? I am guessing that’s an emphatic yes!


TIP – make sure the Private Investigator you hire is licensed, insured, experienced and bonded. Ask how they got the training to be a P.I.? If they have no real training, no law enforcement experience, etc. you should move on. If I were the client I would also ask around and see if anyone knows the firm or the investigator, one way or the other, good or bad. I can tell you countless stories of past clients who called us for help after they hied a dud P.I. firm that left the job to a college student they pay $11 an hour. Cheapest is always best, nor is a national firm. You should also shy away from any P.I. who says they guarantee results; because sometimes there is just nothing to find.

Then again if you’re a larger or busier law firm and you have use for investigative needs, interview needs, process service needs and the like, you may consider keeping an investigator on the pay roll. It could be cheaper for you in the long run especially when you consider most investigators have a 4-hour minimum, mileage costs, etc. In addition, most P.I.’s also do security so they could provide security for the firm, give insight into security measures and provide security for your clients should that need ever arise.

So let’s review…..Private Investigator(s) can not only help regular citizens, they can be of great help to law firms in Family law, Patent Law, Divorce Law, Business Law and Real Estate law. They can assist you in locating evidence, disputing evidence, locating witnesses, interviewing witnesses, doing background investigations, doing surveillance and more. The extra money for an Investigator many times pays for itself, and then some in the end.

Hope this sheds some light and sparks some thought.

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