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  1. Divorce – Cheating Spouse
  2. Child Custody
  3. Business Productivity
  4. Surveillance / Fraud
  5. Executive Protection
  6. NEW GPS Tracking – “Real Time” Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking of vehicles, persons, cargo containers or construction equipment.racking of vehicles, persons, vessels, cargo containers or construction equipment.

Why Paladin:

Paladin Investigations & Protections, LLC is a service-oriented and efficient private investigation firm. We provide several services for customers, always with the utmost professionalism and speed. More importantly, Paladin doesn’t just want your business, we want to build relationships with our clients. We know that word of mouth is the best advertisement. We also believe in an honest days pay for a honest days work. This is who we are at Paladin Investigations.


Owners and employees are all current or retired law enforcement officers with a wealth of experience in the area of investigations and surveillance. You won’t be getting some guy who just read a “How-to be a P.I.” book. You wont be paying a large P.I. factory that is only in it for the money, just to assign an inept, untrained, non-caring young man to your case. You will get a licensed Private Investigator, who knows the value of service and dedication, with a career full of Law Enforcement training and experience to fall back on.

Paladin Investigations & Protection, LLC is staffed by professionals with backgrounds in the military, Corrections and/or career Law Enforcement Officers with actual Detective or Investigative experience. In addition to real working experience, our owners and staff have extensive previous and on-going training in the Law Enforcement field, Investigative skills and techniques which are exclusive to Law Enforcement and not available to the average individual.

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